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Duck breast lacquered with honey, chilli pepper and organic lemon with peppermint marinated courgettes

Tempo: 45 minutes

Difficoltà: Medium difficulty

Duck breast lacquered with honey, chilli pepper and organic lemon with peppermint marinated courgettes

The special flavour of arbutus honey, the spicy note of chilli pepper and the freshness of lemon and peppermint: our recipe for honey-lacquered duck breast has it all.

Duck breast is a high-quality meat that can be prepared in many ways, but it is particularly delicious when cooked so that the skin is crispy and golden and the core remains pink. You should pay particular attention to this passage: the meat is cooked to perfection when it feels pressure-resistant yet supple and soft when you touch it.

To bring out the flavour of the meat, in this preparation we have chosen a lacquer with arbutus honey, a honey with a strong aroma and a bitter taste that makes it recognisable and suitable for use in refined recipes.

When you taste this dish, your palate will be enveloped by the contrasts and pleasant texture of the accompanying sauce.

Here is the recipe for duck breast lacquered with honey, chilli pepper and lemon.

4 people

2 duck breasts, 300 g each
400 g courgettes
1 chilli pepper
2 organic lemons
2 g peppermint
3 cl Janas Extra Virgin Olive Oil
100 g of Janas strawberry tree honey



Wash and clean the courgettes, then slice them thinly. Fry them quickly in a non-stick frying pan, then marinate them with lemon drops and peppermint.


Take the duck breast and use a knife to make parallel incisions in both directions in the skin, as if to form a grid. Sprinkle with honey and lemon and cook for 8-10 minutes in a non-stick pan, without adding oil. Start cooking on the skin side, which should be browned and crispy.


Coat the duck breast with honey, lemon juice and chilli pepper and finish cooking. Leave the lacquered breast to rest for a few minutes.


Allow the cooking liquid to reduce and save it. Arrange the courgette slices on a plate to form a rose.


To complete the dish, slice the duck breast cooked maintaining the core pink and arrange it on the courgettes. Season with the reduced cooking juices.