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Carciofi sottolio - Idee antipasti - Sottoli
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Artichokes in oil

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Cavolfiore al mirto - Idee antipasti - Sottoli
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Cauliflower with myrtle

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Barattolo melanzane grigliate sottolio
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Aubergines in oil

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Olive sarde condite - Idee antipasti - Sottoli
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Seasoned Sardinian olives

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When passion and genuine ingredients meet, they give life to a line of creams and pickles designed for those who love to amaze their guests at the table with simplicity and authenticity. This is what our artisans make: a combination of flavors and aromas that surprise those who taste these special appetizer ideas. From the delicate creams of artichokes, mushrooms and aubergines, to the tasty Sardinian pickles, it is possible to prepare delicious and quick appetizers of the highest quality, both in the choice of raw materials and in the unique taste and aroma. And we Italians who love to get together and enjoy aperitifs, lunches and dinners in the company of the most loved people, know how much food can make these experiences unforgettable. It doesn't matter if we haven't prepared numerous courses, if we aren't ready to welcome unexpected guests, just combine a few sheets of carasau bread with our tasty pickles and our creams for croutons, to create a conspicuous evening of pleasure in which to enjoy all the richness of our culinary tradition and savor all the love that food gives. Flavors and aromas of raw materials, sensory and appetizing combinations, give life to this wonderful line sardinian appetizers designed for you.