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A family passion
between tradition and innovation.

Our brand values and supplies only the typical Sardinian products of exquisite craftsmanship. Our family business is committed to upholding and renewing an ancient tradition of taste and authenticity.

Our food and wine selection comes from careful and in-depth research and promotion of small Sardinian artisans. With passion and persistence, we create a direct relationship with our suppliers, both with farmers and breeders who carefully dedicate themselves to the production of excellent raw materials and small producers who are committed to preserving traditional recipes.

Only producers who fully respect the land and traditions become part of our supply chain. They are all small and medium-sized family businesses that ensure a constant quality of supplies.

We develop a direct collaboration with all our producers to refine the recipe of each product. Once it’s ready, it is certified and sold under the brand name Janas Food. Quality is guaranteed by the short supply chain and the exclusive use of local raw materials, including labels and packaging.

Our business also gives important support to these small producers, who normally work mainly in spring and summer. Whereas, Janas Food requests significant supplies during Christmas and Easter. In fact, every year we assemble and deliver as many as 4,000 Christmas baskets.


mind-blowing figures.

Words leave no room for doubt. We rank first in the number of shipments of Sardinian food and wine excellence.
But even some data can help you understand the quality of our work.


suppliers involved in the project


products created and perfected
since the beginning of the project

The good taste that does good.

One of our suppliers, the Cooperative Alle Cascine, is also engaged in the social reintegration of young people with addiction problems. Thanks to a serious and responsible way of working, these young people (already 25,000 people in their 30s) can find their existential and work dimension.

Do you want to know more about our local suppliers and the authenticity of their products?