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An island open to the world.

A journey through nature and ancient traditions.

Our brand values and supplies only the typical Sardinian products of exquisite craftsmanship. Our family business is committed to upholding and renewing an ancient tradition of taste and authenticity.

Sardinian traditions

an identity worth discovering.

An island with ancient roots can only have a rich heritage of traditions, festivals, customs, and fun facts. The journey to discover the real Sardinia from the coasts to the in-land is a unique experience.


the roots that carry you away.

Sardinian culture is ancient and deeply rooted in its land. It’s a unique blend of art, history, music, handicraft and enogastronomy. Sardinia is famous throughout the world for its strong sense of identity and its origins. Even the Sardinian language is so unique that it is like a true treasure. Participating in a Sardinian folk festival means immersing yourself in deeply felt traditions. Perhaps the best way to learn more about the culture of this land is to attend its food and wine festivals, such as the so called “Spring in Baronìa”, in Gallura and Sulcis or “Autumn in Barbagia”.


traditional flavours.

Cooking is an integral part of the local culture in Sardinia. Its origins date back to centuries ago, distinguishing it from other regions. From the coast to the hinterland, the island has a true heritage of tasty dishes prepared with local, simple, and genuine raw materials. Among many top-quality traditional products, there is pecorino cheese, spiny artichoke with saffron, and mullet roe. There is an abundant choice of fragrant varieties of bread such as guttiau and pistoccu, and the most famous carasau. And various types of pasta, both dry like fregula and malloreddus, and fresh pasta like culurgiones, filindeu and lorighittas.


enjoy your meal,
be it seafood or meat.

Sardinia is unique also for the diversity of its territory, which has an equally wide range of typical dishes. Starting from meat main courses, such as roasted suckling pig, lamb or kid, up to fish dishes, such as shellfish, sea bass, sea bream and grilled eels and tuna. Sardinian sausage and ham are also very famous, as well as traditional cheeses, such as aged or fresh pecorino, salted ricotta cheese, kid rennet and casu marzu. The most popular desserts are those with cheese, such as seadas and pardulas, and those made with almonds and honey, as well as papassini biscuits and Sardinian ladyfingers. Sardinian wines are associated with the territory of origin, for instance, Vermentino of Gallura, Torbato and Cagnulari in Alghero, Carignano in Sulcis, Cannonau in Ogliastra and Nuorese, Monica and Nuragus in Campidano, Vernaccia in Oristano, Malvasia in Bosa.

Sardinia has a heritage of culture, traditions and flavors to be discovered. Janas Food is there to guide you.