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Marchese - pecorino semistagionato - Formaggi sardi - Semistagionati
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Marchese - semi-seasoned pecorino cheese

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Nobile - formaggio vaccino - Formaggi sardi - Semistagionati
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Nobile - formaggio vaccino

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Sardinian cheeses : a guarantee. An experience built since ancient times when the Nuragic Sardinians produced these delicacies that later became famous all over the world. Centuries-old traditions that have undoubtedly made Sardinia one of the Italian regions that boasts the largest production of pecorino cheese in all of Europe. Among the best Sardinian cheeses, Fiore Sardo DOP undoubtedly stands out, a recognized and awarded excellence that enchants even the most demanding palates . Not only irresistible Sardinian Pecorini obtained from the native breed, but delicate ricottas and cow's milk cheeses will enchant both adults and children with a sweet tooth. To continue the journey of flavors, delicious and delicate Cream Cheese spread on a sheet of crunchy bread like the classic carasau bread , will bring and arouse emotions now lost. Authentic pasture cheeses produced according to original recipes and exclusively with fresh milk obtained from animals reared in the wild, to offer you only top quality products that best express all the taste of the most ancient and precious traditions.