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Packing, order processing,
transit times and returns


Janas takes great care when packing its products to ensure that they arrive at their destination in excellent conditions!
The cardboard boxes we use are tailored to our needs, and to ensure maximum resistance to impact during transport, we have decided to use triple-wave cardboard, the best available on the market today. The boxes are white and have the JANASFOOD sticker on the closing tapes, which uniquely identifies our shipment and acts as a guarantee seal. Each individual product is placed inside with the utmost care by expert hands (we have shipped over a million food products!), using all precautions to ensure a safe journey. The glass containers are pre-packed with shockproof material, and all the products are placed inside the box with expert care to minimise the risk of breakage. For the shipment of wine bottles, we use specific boxes, which are tailor-made; they are white in colour and are made from triple-wave cardboard. On the inside are specific cardboard containers, which have the dual function of preventing the bottles from touching each other (thus preventing possible breakages), and providing the right cushioning in the event of impacts on the outer cardboard. Unlike most e-commerce companies, Janas uses its own logistic structure, and all packaging activities are carried out by its own staff, with the maximum care that can be given to such a delicate activity, in its Sassari headquarters.


Generally, all products on our e-commerce are in stock, and the order is dispatched within 24 hours from the order date/receipt of payment. In the event that a product is out of stock and there is a delay in supply (bear in mind that our products are almost all handmade), we will contact you to inform you of the expected departure date. If the proposed date does not meet your requirements, we can modify the content of the order and/or refund the amount of the goods not shipped. Despite the fact that Janas is an artisan company (there are no assembly lines, but staff who, with a lot of passion, tailor-make each product, one parcel at a time!), we are able to guarantee departure within 24 hours in 97% of cases!


Janas works with DHL, one of the shippers that guarantee the highest quality standards on the market. After many years of experience, and more than 100,000 shipments made, we are confident that we are working with one of the best performing couriers. Janas is located in Sardinia, and due to our insularity, the average delivery time is 48 hours. An extra day of waiting that will be rewarded by the goodness of the products! The delivery time for less favoured areas is generally 72 hours.


If you are not satisfied with your purchase we give you the possibility to return the purchased products within 14 days from the date of receipt. The cost of transport will be borne by Janas. The condition is that all products are returned, and must be intact, as when they were delivered. As compensation for the return you can choose to have a full refund of the money spent, or a voucher of equal amount for future purchases.